Choosing High Ticket Affiliate Programs

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There are so many different types of affiliate marketing programs on the Internet, and in fact, that there are so many different high ticket affiliate programs as well. Let’s get to know them all and their functions. The first one we will look into is the Pay Per Click campaign. This is a way of paying your affiliates for every visitor or customer you send to your affiliate link. Every time your customer buys or clicks on your link, you will be charged a certain amount of money. This is the most basic function of a pay per click campaign.

Another type of high ticket affiliate programs is the Pay Per Lead affiliate program. In this case, you will be paid only once for each lead that you generate, regardless if they actually make a purchase. For example, let’s say you build a webpage with some high ticket affiliate programs, and you post some free articles on your blog.

If you manage to send ten people to your hubspot website, you will be paid for ten times that amount. It is very important to understand that you will not be charged for the visitors that arrive at your hubspot hub page. What you will be charged for is the visitors that arrive at your Fiverr gig or the people who buy something through your linked page on Hubspot. The difference between these two sites is Fiverr earns you money while Hubspot generates you money in a more passive way.

The third type of high ticket affiliate programs that you will encounter is the Pay Per Sale web hosting web host. In here, your earnings come from the commission you will receive for every sale you generate. For example, let’s say that you’re building a landing page using some high ticket web hosting web host. You post an article on five, and then you earn $5 for every sale that you make.

Now, there are a couple of problems with this scenario. Firstly, you have to figure out how many sales you’re actually going to make in order to get paid for it. Secondly, once you’ve made one sale, you have to make sure that the affiliate marketing program you’ve got pays out the commission every month. There is a big chance that you will miss a month – or worse, two or three months – and miss out on a decent commission. For these reasons, high ticket affiliate programs can be quite hit and miss, and this is the reason why a lot of people look for other ways to earn a little extra income.

The second scenario, I want to talk about, which is the Pay Per Lead affiliate marketing program, is a little bit simpler. In here, you’ll actually get paid every time someone contacts you by filling in a simple form and submitting their name and email address. You won’t be charged anything for this, and your commission will be paid out to you per lead that you generate. This is a great way to make money, and it’s a perfect fit if you already have a product or service of your own to sell.

This brings us to the third scenario, which is the Pay Per Lead Plus variant of high ticket affiliate programs. In here, you would be paid for generating a single lead. The catch is that you have to generate at least 150 new leads each month to qualify for this commission. For most people, this is a perfect match, since it takes away a lot of hassle and is extremely easy to do, especially if you have a website of your own to promote.

The above three examples are all good examples of high ticket affiliate programs that can make you some decent cash, but you need to remember that each is a very specific niche market, and has different requirements for doing business. Choosing the wrong affiliate link may mean that you won’t get paid at all. That said, however, most people who are looking to start an affiliate business don’t need to worry about this anyway, since the payouts are so low in comparison to the other two. If you really want to make some serious money with this business, though, it’s probably best to focus on one of the other two.

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