How to Make Money With Podcasting

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One of the common questions that beginners asking is, “how do I make money with podcasts?” Indeed, there are many podcasters who make their living out of it and there are others that may be only barely managing their podcast expenses.

So naturally, you can understand that there are various stages of earning money with podcasting, some of us are making more in revenue, while some are still making barely any.

All About Making Money With Podcast

If you are one of those who are still making nothing out of your podcast, then you may want to take a closer look at the things you should be focusing on. This article will guide you through the 8 ways on how to make money with podcast. Here they are:

Affiliate Marketing

There is an affiliate marketer who uses a simple platform named Transparent Media Network (TMN). This is the platform where you will put up links to your podcasts that your subscribers are then able to find via search engines or by visiting your site. In return, you get paid a commission for the sales you generate.

The commission varies between providers but the key here is to develop a list of subscribers. Your goal is to find people who would like to listen to your podcasts but who you have never met personally and thus, generate a lead for future marketing campaigns.


One of the newest players in the podcasters’ market is SoundCloud. It’s a powerful discovery platform that allows its users to upload and publish audio and video files. You can then use these files as long as you own the copyright to them.

Unlike other means of earning revenue, SoundCloud offers a very broad range of potential customers since it lets users submit content to different areas including music, images, short stories, legal documents, etc.

While SoundCloud has only recently started allowing podcasters to upload and share their audio files, it has quickly become one of the most popular sites for audio sharing.

This is in part because SoundCloud allows podcasters to make use of a feature called “streaming” which lets users create a play list of content that can be listened to straight through the website, without downloading it first.

Audio Blogging

Another way to make money with podcasting is through audioblogging. Audioblogging involves listening to podcasts while driving and adding interesting tips and trivia during the commute.

The best Audiobloggers will include bonus segments that incorporate money-making ideas. Audioblogging offers a way to combine listening to podcasts while driving and making extra money. If you want to start monetizing your audioblogs, you can try turning your blog into a podcast by purchasing ad space or using commercial breakouts from Google.

Use a podcast hosting site to make money with podcasting

Most hosting platforms provide a podcast scoring system that rates hosts based on how many subscriptions they have, how popular their podcast is, and other metrics.

By joining a premium podcast hosting platform, you will be able to easily gain the rights to millions of channels (and therefore, countless hours of podcast material) that you can use in your own promotions.

Some hosts also offer a “Highest Priced” tier that gives you an advantage when it comes to securing the rights to high profile podcast episodes. As podcast marketing becomes more popular, many hosts are offering a “Highest Rated” option that will effectively increase their earning power.

Use a search engine to find popular podcasts.

A search engine can quickly locate a list of podcast directories and allows you to gain access to the podcasting community. The podcasting community is comprised of listeners who post comments and discussions on public websites.

By making use of these public websites and podcast directories, you can establish yourself as an expert in a particular niche and build a reputation that will benefit your own personal and business careers.

Build a simplecast website

A simplecast website is similar to the typical website built using a template. But instead of using a template, you will be creating your podcast using podcasting templates that are specially designed to make it easy for you to create a professional-looking website.

Once you have a simplecast site, you will be able to quickly build a list of subscribers who are interested in the content you are providing, and you will be able to start marketing your podcasts.

Use a chip advertiser

If you want to make money with podcasting, you should consider signing up with a chip advertiser, who will pay you a commission for people who purchase products through your own website. You will be able to earn a higher commission if you choose a high-end advertising company who will also be able to provide you with a responsive and targeted audience.

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