How to Make Money Writing: 7 Ways to Make a Living From Your Writing

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Do you want to make a living from your writing? Maybe you want to be a freelance writer. Maybe you want to become a novelist. Maybe you want to make money from your blog. Let’s face it: It’s tough to make a living writing. But it’s possible.

I know because I’ve been making a living with my writing now for almost six years. I’ve had periods of feast and famine, but I’ve always managed to find a way to make a living from my writing.

In this post, I want to share the seven ways I’ve been able to create a living from my writing. I’ll also share some ways to get your writing noticed and make your work stand out.

Write For Content Mills

The first way to make money writing is by writing for content mills. This is where you write little blog posts about a particular subject or topic. The more you write, the more you make, and there’s lots of ways to increase your writing output in order to increase your earnings.

I started writing for content mills in 2009 when I had been writing for about a year. I wanted to make money writing for pay, but I didn’t want to spend all day writing. I was a stay-at-home mom and I was used to doing other things. So I joined several Content Mills and wrote short articles that I could submit to other sites.

Write Articles For Websites Or Blogs

While it might seem like I do everything in my writing career, the truth is, I’m not a full-time writer. I teach martial arts, and I also write my own blog. So, I depend on my writing income to make my full-time job possible. I don’t get rich writing on a website or blog.

When you write for a website or blog, you can receive advertising revenue from it. But that revenue is only a small portion of your income, and it can easily disappear with a few bad reviews.

You also may receive payment when you’re interviewed or published as a guest author. So, your income may be irregular and dependent on the whims of people who use the website or blog as a platform to promote their products or services.

Write For Niche Websites

If you don’t know the tricks of the trade, writing for niche websites can be tricky. When you write for niche sites, it’s hard to get noticed by more popular sites. But if you’re good at your niche, you can still make a nice living writing for these sites.

Here are some examples: National Geographic.

They’ve never had an advertising budget. They charge a pretty penny for content. But if you’re good at writing about National Geographic’s cool stories, your work can be featured on their blog. They even offer consulting services to help people who write about National Geographic find interesting topics to write about.

Wired is always searching for the next big thing. A great way to get noticed is to write about something they cover.

Write For Newspapers

If you want to make money writing, you need to write for newspapers. It’s the most reliable way I’ve found for making a living from writing. Newspaper articles earn an average of about $150 a piece.

Let’s take a look at my best experience writing for newspapers. The Toledo Blade, the local newspaper, has been in the news a lot in the past couple of years because of a major water main break that has been causing major flooding in Toledo and the surrounding area. I wrote an article about the flooding on the paper’s blog.

Write For Magazines

Magazines are a great way to bring in extra cash with little effort. You probably know magazines and newspapers. They publish a number of articles about a wide variety of topics. Some are popular, and others are not so much.

But magazine articles have a wide readership. A lot of people go through a variety of publications in their daily reading. If you can write well, you can make money doing it. It’s a good way to attract an audience if you have an interesting idea. You’ll need to write a variety of articles for different publications. Be sure you can stand out.

Write Ebooks

Ebooks are a great way to make a living writing because ebooks are an excellent marketing tool. While ebooks may not get as much media coverage as articles or magazine articles, ebooks are often read more than books. Ebooks can also be purchased for less than books and therefore easier to sell.

If you’re interested in selling ebooks, I recommend looking at ebay. And here are the tools I use for selling ebooks: KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and Amazon Kindle Stores Powell’ (okay, technically Powell’s is an independent bookstore but the company operates Amazon as a warehouse). If you don’t want to pay Amazon’s prices, Powell’s can also be a good choice.

Write For Advertisements

A lot of writers write ads for other people. You can make a living just doing this. You can sign up for AdSense and see your earnings. You can make a living by writing Facebook ads. Or you can write Amazon ads. You can write landing pages. Or you can write Google AdWords ads.

Don’t write “marketing” ads, though. Be yourself. People will remember you for what you write. You can make a living from your writing and even sell ads.

Wetpaint has a huge network of advertisers. They have a list of advertisers who pay for posts. There are many other websites who pay for posts. Make a living from writing and make a career for yourself in advertising.


I’ve written a lot about how I’ve been able to make money writing, but here I’ll focus on seven simple ways to create a living from your writing. If you want to make a living from your writing, you need to consider all your writing revenue sources. The few methods I’ve discussed here are just a few ways to make a living from writing.

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