How To Use Mobile Games To Make Money: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Mobile games are a huge business in the gaming world, and it’s worth looking at them for more than just entertainment. Mobile games offer the opportunity to make money in a number of different ways. You can design games, you can promote games, you can write about games, or you can create videos about games.

But in this post, I’ll teach you how to make money by creating them.

Some gamers are making thousands of dollars each day from their small games and apps. There are lots of opportunities for mobile game developers to make money. But some options are better than others. So here’s are some ideas how to use Mobile Games To Make Money.

Choose A Game Type

You can’t expect to make money if you only design a game with a few gameplay mechanics. Choose a game type which is fun and suitable for the intended audience.

If you are developing a puzzle game, go for a game like Tetris or Gliders. If you are developing a racing game, choose racing games like NASCAR Heat. Before you invest money in your game, make sure you understand the market to make sure you will have an idea of the potential audience.

There are many online tools you can use to improve your game. You can use Visual Studio’s Games Previewer. It can help you design your game, test and debug. You can also use Unity to test your game and debug it quickly. You can use Google’s Puzzle and Dragons. The game has become popular because it offers free games to everyone.

Develop A Premium Version

In the age of push notifications and social media, you have to stay on top of your game. This is important even for those who sell premium paid games. Sure, people might play your game for free, but you need to encourage them to pay for a premium version of your game. This is often called a “premium experience”.

Your free game should encourage your users to buy a premium version. Some tips on keeping your game updated: Make sure the free version is still a great game. But you need to give your users the push to pay for your premium version.

Have your free game load up the dashboard (playability) first. Ask your user to be hooked into the game. This keeps them more engaged and they’re more likely to buy your premium game. Engage your users via real-time updates.

Make Sure The App Is Safe For Kids

This is most important. Young kids should not be using a computer or an iPad unless they are supervised by a responsible adult. Even if it’s a game, you can’t let children use an open-source app. Apps for kids have less security built into them and there are many that have been hacked to put malware into your phone and steal your information.

You have to have an idea of what your audience likes. Start playing games with them to see what they enjoy and what they don’t. Watch them, observe them, observe how they act and watch their play patterns. Gamers want more than just a reward, they want a process that brings their excitement back to them time and time again.

Monetize Your App

If you are developing an app, then you have some good options for monetizing. This option is best for App developers because monetization can add up to the success of your app. However, it is not always a good idea. So be sure to evaluate the choices carefully.

The easiest way to make money is to build a mobile app that people will actually use. The number of downloads you get will give you a pretty good idea about your app’s popularity and reach. If you build an app that has decent functionality, you might be able to make some money from Google Play Store.

Advertising As you might have guessed, ads will be your money maker for Ad revenue. If you target your adverts carefully, your adverts can add up to your earnings.

Where To Sell Your Games And Apps

With all of the promotion and distribution options available to developers, there’s no reason to spend time and money on promotions to sell your games and apps to customers.

For many developers, the main source of monetization for mobile games is advertisements. It is very cost effective, and some developers make more than enough to recoup the cost of development in their first month after launch.

AppExchange is a marketplace created by Google. It is where developers and businesses can sell apps, games and in-app purchases. More than 20,000 businesses and independent developers use the AppExchange each month, and about one third of all apps sold on the App Store come from the AppExchange. Another option for selling your mobile game is to use the App Store.

Three Tips For Successful Monetization

There are 3 main factors that determine whether or not a mobile game will make money. The first factor is the amount of time users spend on your game. Unless it’s a casual game where people will spend hours playing, the average user will only spend a few minutes per day or month.

To recoup the investment, you need to keep those users engaged for the entire time they own your app. This requires you to continuously update and enhance your game to be a true competitor for mobile gaming apps.

The second factor is the type of monetization you are going to choose. You can either use pre-install banners or in-app purchases to offer users incentives. In-app purchases can give people instant rewards or additional content to stay engaged with your app.

The third factor is the quality of your game. Mobile gaming has grown to become a huge global phenomenon, and as a result, a lot of games that have no innovative gameplay mechanics or cool content will fail.


If you have the idea and passion for creating a mobile game, then you can make money from it. There are plenty of ways that you can make money from mobile games. You can start small and work your way to the top. If you are new to making games for mobile devices, there are plenty of resources and ideas on the web. Check out this blog post and see if there’s anything that you can use.

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